A brass egg given to former BEATLE John Lennon "by aliens" has gone on show in London.

The ornament, which Lennon gave to Israeli-born paranormalist Uri Geller before his untimely murder on 8 December 1980, was allegedly a present from extraterrestrials.

And the famous spoon-bender - who has kept the egg in his living room ever since - is sure Lennon's far-fetched story is true.

He says, "I believe it. John said he had been lying in bed, when a bright sphere of light appeared in one corner of his room. An alien hand came out of it, and gave him the egg. And he gave it to me.

"And he wasn't even drunk. I asked."

The out-of-this-world artifact is currently on display as part of a John Lennon shrine in a London record store, to mark the 25th anniversary of his death.