John Lennon's half-sister is furious his widow Yoko Ono is displaying pornographic paintings of the ex-beatle's late mother - and she's determined to have them removed.

JULIA BAIRD is disgusted Ono's controversial images of JULIA STANLEY - who died in a car crash aged 44 - entitled My Mummy Was Beautiful, are being exhibited across buildings in England's Liverpool area as part of the city's Biennial art festival.

She explains, "I remembered how John loved his mother, and it choked me up. I find it totally offensive that you can use images of a breast and a vagina displayed all over the city, and then make the implied link with my mother.

"I have nothing against Yoko Ono as she was simply commissioned to do the work.

"The same images are on display at the Tate Gallery (in Liverpool's Albert Dock) and I don't have a problem with that, but the others I find upsetting and I would like to see them removed."

27/09/2004 02:59