John Lennon's cleaning lady has vehemently blasted rumours the ex-beatle was addicted to heroin, because he was too "obsessed" with his health to risk damaging himself with the deadly narcotic.

ROSAURA LORENZO was employed by the IMAGINE star in the days leading up to his assassination in New York in December 1980, and insists she would have noticed if the relatively clean-living singer had suddenly turned into a drug fiend.

She says, "His way of talking and behaving, his healthy diet, his almost obsessive worry over his health, his appearance... were far removed from that of a drug addict. I never once had the slightest suspicions in that respect.

"Therefore, John would have had to have been, among other things, a great actor to deceive not just me but the rest of the employees for so long. Because none of them ever mentioned anything to me."

Lennon and his wife Yoko Ono became recluses in their Dakota building apartment in Manhattan, where Lorenzo worked. The singer was shot to death by Mark David Chapman outside the complex.

22/04/2005 13:32