Murdered BEATLE John Lennon has spoken from beyond the grave, but fans will have to pay $9.95 (GBP5.70) to hear what he has to say as part of a controversial pay-per-view TV seance. Producers of THE SPIRIT OF JOHN LENNON, which will air on select cable networks in America tonight (24APR06), claim the psychics who took part in the show managed to reach Lennon's spirit, but they're refusing to give any clues as to what the INSTANT KARMA rocker may have said. The TV special has been organised by the producers of a 2003 attempt to contact the spirit of tragic British royal DIANA, Princess Of Wales. That programme was lashed by critics but was deemed a financial success, even though psychics failed to contact the beloved humanitarian. Psychics conducted the new secret seance at one of Lennon's favourite New York restaurants, La Fortuna. They claim the late Beatle's voice can be heard via Electronic Voice Phenomenon (EVP) technology, whereby the dead can contact the living via radio and TV broadcast signals. An EVP expert, who is present at the seance, admits on the show that there really is a "Class A" spirit trying to get through.