A schoolbook once belonging to the late John Lennon has been sold at auction for $220,375 (GBP126,500). The exercise book contains the 12-year-old former beatle's illustration of LEWIS CARROLL's poem THE WALRUS AND THE CARPENTER - which later inspired the 1967 song I AM THE WALRUS. The item was snapped up by a private collector in the bidding bonanza of pop memorabilia at London waxwork museum Madame Tussauds. Another Lennon relic - a ship's log book compiled during a 1980 trip to Bermuda - was bought for $20,000 (GBP12,000). Meanwhile, the earliest known Lennon treasure, an engraved silver christening bracelet, went for $47,000 (GBP27,000). A letter from Sir Paul McCartney to the rest of the band - believed to be linked to the argument over who would manage the SHE LOVES YOU group - failed to reach its $87,500 (GBP50,000) reserve price.