John Lennon's son SEAN tried to start a fight with a punk rock bassist during an appearance at Britain's All Tomorrow's Parties festival this weekend (ends24APR05).

The son of the Beatles legend, who was joined by his mother Yoko Ono at PONTIN'S holiday resort in England's Camber Sands, took exception to the JAYNE COUNTY AND THE ELECTRIC CHAIRS bassist because he was sporting a stereotypically punk hairstyle.

And the pair almost came to blows before security at the venue stepped in and defused the situation.

Singer JAYNE COUNTY says, "It angers me that Sean Lennon, son of John - a member of The Beatles, who I love - can be so drunk and narrow-minded to pick a fight with my bass player because he has a mohawk.

"He was surrounded by girls and thought my bass player was competition so he started picking on him. He was out of order and was slagging him, saying he was old and had a crap haircut.

"I think he's insecure. Security had to step in and separate them or blood would have been spilled. The gig went brilliantly but Sean Lennon spoiled it for me. He's a loser."

26/04/2005 04:34