JULIAN LENNON has stunned fans offering him condolences on the anniversary of his father John Lennon's death - by telling them he no longer mourns the late beatle.
Singer John Lennon was gunned down by crazed fan Marc Chapman in New York on 08 December, 1980 - a date when fans the world over annually gather to grieve.
But 45-year-old Julian, John's son by his first wife Cynthia, insists he no longer laments his dad's death - and instead gives thanks.
He writes on his official webpage: "Something very sad happened many years ago on this date but I don't live and breathe this date the way many of you do.
"I appreciate your intentions and prayers but I refuse to be saddened this day or by any other memorial day.
"I glimpse back over my shoulder, only to thank those that have gone before."