John Lennon's ex-lover MAY PANG has slammed his widow Yoko Ono for erasing her relationship with the late beatle from the Broadway, New York musical about his life.

Pang was originally Lennon and Ono's personal assistant, and became the IMAGINE singer's girlfriend during his two-year separation from Ono.

But the 55-year-old - who is staging a photographic exhibition in honour of the 25th anniversary of Lennon's 1980 murder - is furious Ono has "airbrushed" her out of Lennon's musical biopic.

She says, "I feel I'm getting airbrushed out of the whole Lennon story.

"I saw the synopsis of the musical. There is not one reference to me at all. I'm airbrushed out again."

Ono and Pang are not the only women in Lennon's life who are paying tribute to the tragic star - his first wife CYNTHIA LENNON is releasing a memoir about her ex-love, entitled JOHN.

06/04/2005 14:02