Some 26 years after the death of music legend John Lennon, the former BEATLE's controversial political opinions  most of which seemed to rub particularly badly with the US government at the time  are now immortalised in a film-style documentary.

THE US VS JOHN LENNON is due out in the UK this Friday, coming at a time when LENNON's face, name and work are still all over the world's newspapers, music charts and television screens.

With THE Beatles, LENNON is currently riding high in the album chart after his former manager compiled and released a new remix of BEATLES tracks called LOVE, while Lennon and Yoko Ono's son Sean Lennon has finally released his second album to friendly, if not rave, reviews.

Even Oasis hardman and LENNON worshiper Liam Gallagher has been in on the act this week, claiming the IMAGINE singer appeared to him as an apparition one night in Manchester.

But the most recent film documenting the later life of the man himself is more a montage of LENNON's activist life, connecting his anti-war protestations against PRESIDENT RICHARD NIXON to contemporary references such as the Iraq war.

And with his widow YOKO ONO taking a hand in the filming, LENNON is portrayed as a saint who stuck to his guns throughout the protests. Nevertheless, it seems LENNON will not be out of the headlines for long, especially as YOKO has asked for the anniversary of his murder in New York in 1980 on December 8th to be remembered as World Healing Day.

07/12/2006 11:05:33