LATEST: The guitarist who performed on John Lennon's DOUBLE FANTASY album has blasted plans to auction off the copy the former BEATLE signed for his murderer - labelling the sale "disgusting" and "sick".

Website WWW.MOMENTSINTIME.COM is selling the infamous copy of Lennon's album, signed hours before MARK DAVID CHAPMAN shot the rocker outside New York's Dakota apartment building in December 1980.

And guitarist Earl Slick, who played on Double Fantasy, is furious.

He fumes, "Who's sicker, the buyer or the seller, that's what I want to know. The guy who's got this thing, I don't know who he is or how he got it, but he is selling it, and it's bizarre.

"As far as what I think should happen to Chapman, it already happened. He's a dangerous man and he's been eliminated from society so he can't do it again."

The 23rd anniversary of Lennon's death falls on Monday (08DEC03).

04/12/2003 09:06