A cheque signed by former BEATLE John Lennon has made a loss at auction - selling for only half its original price.

The bizarre piece of memorabilia was snatched up for just $3,600 (GBP2,000) despite renewed interest in the legendary musician in the wake of the 25th anniversary of his death earlier this month (08DEC05).

But the seller of the 1968 cheque - made out to the Inland Revenue for GBP6,946 ($12,502) - refuses to feel disappointed.

LINDI ST CLAIR says, "I had my fun with it when I bought it. Nowadays it's a nuisance having to keep it safe.

"There were two bidders, one was on the phone and was a commissioned buyer so I don't know who they are. I think that makes it more exciting."

St Clair originally bought the artifact in 1988 for $7,200 (GBP4,000).