A New York City landlord has sued bosses of a gallery which auctioned an outfit worn by John Lennon on the cover of THE Beatles' famous ABBEY ROAD album earlier this month (Jan11).
The late legend sported the white suit in the iconic photograph, which showed the bandmembers walking across a pedestrian crossing outside their favourite recording studio in London.
His wool-blend blazer and trousers, made by French designer Ted Lapidus, sold at a Braswell Galleries auction in Connecticut on New Year's Day (01Jan11) for a whopping $46,000 (£30,667).
Now landlord Mark Arrows is suing gallery management in a bid to collect proceeds from the auction to satisfy a rent debt left behind by seller Biond Fury.
According to documents filed in a Manhattan state court last week (11Jan11), Arrow claims a court determined in 2009 Fury owed him more than $21,000 (£14,000) on his Manhattan apartment.
Arrow's lawyers say they told the Norwalk, Connecticut based gallery not to go through with the sale, and the gallery should now have to pay at least $21,463 (£14,310).
Gallery co-owner Kathy Braswell declined to comment.