John Lennon was warned he'd be ''shot on an island'' 11 years before his death.

The Beatles legend was tragically gunned down by Mark Chapman on the New York island of Manhattan in 1980, but was reportedly given a warning about the event by a Greek astrologer during a holiday to the country with wife Yoko Ono in 1969.

The couple were so spooked by the warning, they cancelled a planned yachting trip around the Greek Islands with singer Donovan, filmmaker Nico Mastorakis has revealed.

The story has emerged now that Nico is selling a three-minute silent film of the couple walking through the streets of Athens, which he discovered during a clear-out of his house.

He told the Sunday Times newspaper: ''John and Yoko assumed the shooting would be on a Greek Island.''

In 2000, Yoko spoke to Nico about the omen, saying they were right to ''be careful'' but they did so ''in the wrong way''.

She said: ''I totally believe that some people are psychic and the message comes through some people.

''In our case, she told us that, but we were not careful in the way we should have been.

''We were careful, but in the wrong way as we did not go to the Greek Islands.''

The previously-unseen footage is expected to fetch around £15,000 when it goes under the hammer at Bonhams' Auction House on Thursday (15.12.16), and will be packaged with a signed statement detailing the shooting prediction, as well as photos of John holding the video camera to prove authenticity.