A letter written by John Lennon complaining about his rock star friends Keith Moon and Harry Nilsson fetched $84,000 (£53,000) at auction in London.

The former Beatles star wrote the letter titled 'A matter of pee' to producer Phil Spector, complaining that he was being held responsible for a series of bizarre incidents after the musicians were threatened with eviction from the recording studio. He admits that it was Moon and Nilsson who urinated on the mixing console.

The note, which dates from Lennon's 'Lost Weekend' between 1973 and 1975 when he separated form Yoko Ono, was later given to guitarist Jesse Ed Davis who worked with the Beatles star.

It was expected to fetch between $6,400 (£4,000) and $9,600 (£6,000) at the auction but sold for seven times that estimate when a private buyer snapped it up for $84,000 last week (ends22Mar14).

Louise Cooper, from Cooper Owen Music Media Auctions, says, "This price reflects the fact that it has never been on the market before and refers to so many famous people of the time."