John Lennon's widow Yoko Ono has approved a new Broadway musical about her late husband's life - with an unusual twist.

The as-yet-untitled production, currently being referred to as THE LENNON PROJECT, is expected to hit New York next year (04).

Producers EDGAR LANSBURY and Don Scardino are sure their effort will stand out from the others in the theatre district - because it won't be a traditional book musical, a ballet, a biographical musical or based on a film.

Instead, the musical, which will feature 12 yet-to-be-cast actors portraying different aspects of Lennon's personality, will use Lennon's songs to tell the story of the 1960s and 1970s.

Scardino explains, "Our project is the story of Lennon as lightning rod and how he defined the times and how the times defined him. Lennon's changes corresponded to our generation: there was the rocker, the hippie, the meditation guru, the transcendalist, the political revolutionary, the house husband, and all the while there was the evolving artist."

The producers began negotiating with Ono about the project more than three years ago, but the project was hit with delays when film studio COLUMBIA PICTURES planned a biopic of the former BEATLE and attempted to secure rights to his songs, as well as elements of his life story. But that project is no longer in development.

The show is expected to use around 30 songs by Lennon, all written after the Beatles' break-up.

15/10/2003 21:15