More than 250 letters and cards handwritten by late Beatles legend John Lennon are to be published for the first time.
Author Hunter Davies, who wrote the only official biography of The Beatles in the 1960s, has been tracing back all of the personal notes written by the singer for a new book to be released next year (12).
It is the first time Lennon's widow Yoko Ono has given permission for his private writings to be released.
Davies says, "I've found a lot of letters that nobody's ever seen. You see him as a tortured soul. You see him being funny, you see him showing off, you see him depressed, you see him in different stages.
"His first reaction to any emotion, whether it was fury or amazement or hatred, was not really to go to the piano or the guitar. He was just as likely to pick up a pen and write it. And he wrote such amusing letters."