Avid fans of John Lennon are queuing up for the chance to get closer to their late hero - Britain's NATIONAL TRUST organisation is seeking a new custodian for his childhood home.

The house in Menlove Avenue, Liverpool - known as MENDIPS - has attracted more than 7,000 visitors since it opened last year (03) after it was donated by the BEATLES star's widow Yoko Ono.

The new custodian will be expected to live in the property - where Lennon stayed with his AUNT MIMI from the age of five - from mid March to October (04), and National Trust bosses are keen to recruit someone with expert knowledge of the music legend.

Spokesman SIMON OSBOURNE says, "The Trust is looking for someone who can bring the qualities of interpretation, subject knowledge and customer care that the job demands.

"He or she will be an excellent communicator and be able to demonstrate an in-depth knowledge of the Lennon family during the period Mendips was in its ownership. Emphasis is very much on an ability to help with the living interpretation of the house".

19/01/2004 21:05