John Lennon 's name will forever be linked with today's date on the calendar, for it was on December 8th of 1980 that the Beatles star, solo performer, artist and husband of Yoko Ono was tragically shot dead by Mark David Chapman as he came out of a New York hotel.
31 years from an event which stunned millions of music fans worldwide, Yoko Ono still remembers Lennon for the positive moments of his life, rather than the horrific way in which it ended. Speaking to the Vancouver Sun she reflected upon his legacy with a typically abstract angle, "Now that John's a spirit, he has a different effect on people than when he was alive," she said "Spirits talk on a pure level and don't get distracted by people saying things like, 'That's nice, but why's he wearing that? Of course, it would still be better if John was around".
Reflecting further, the 78 year-old said "John was about making the world a better place. He sang 'Gimme Some Truth,' so when I see all the activism out there today, I feel like we will turn the corner soon." A concert will be being held in New York on Saturday in tribute to the late star's life featuring Steve Forbert and Marshall Crenshaw, among others.