A memorial plaque for late BEATLE GEORGE HARRISON is being planned, and it will be positioned next to a similar tribute for John Lennon.

The Harrison plaque is being organised by the HERITAGE FOUNDATION which boasts veteran British rocker Rick Wakeman as its president.

It is intended to be erected alongside Lennon's plaque, unveiled two years ago (03), at the site of The Beatles' legendary 1960s Apple boutique.

Heritage Foundation chairman DAVID GRAHAM says, "We're very keen. The Beatles did more for this country than just about anyone in the 1960s."

Another commemoration to the spiritual star, who died from cancer in Los Angeles in 2001 aged 58, was due to be set up near his home in Henley-On-Thames, England, but progress has been stalled due to a feud between his widow Olivia and a former mayor of the idyllic town.

Lennon was shot dead by deranged fan Mark David Chapman in New York City on 8 December 1980.

14/04/2005 13:49