Elvis has been named the year's highest-earning dead celebrity, with John Lennon coming a close second in a bizarre new poll.

According to a list from financial site Forbes.com, the Jailhouse Rock singer has earned approximately $44 million in the past 12 months thanks to proceeds from tours of his Graceland estate, continued music and DVD sales and a licensing deal with Cirque de Soleil for their Elvis-themed cabaret show in Las Vegas.

Lennon also garnered around $44 million in the past year, with much of the earning due to the finalising of the Beatles' licensing agreement with Apple.

Another late Beatle was named at fourth place in the list, with George Harrison said to have earned $22 million over the past 12 months, while rapper Tupac Shakur was the next highest deceased entertainer, having amassed $9 million.

Marilyn Monroe was named in ninth position, while movie stars Steve McQueen and James Dean were named in tenth and 13th place, respectively.

The full list is as follows –

1. Elvis Presley
2. John Lennon
3. Charles Schulz
4. George Harrison
5. Albert Einstein
6. Andy Warhol
7. Dr Seuss (Theodor Geisel)
8. Tupac Shakur
9. Marilyn Monroe
10. Steve McQueen
11. James Brown
12. Bob Marley
13. James Dean

31/10/2007 07:55:32