A fan of late BEATLE John Lennon is demanding a staggering $325,000 (GBP180,000) for an autograph the superstar signed 15 minutes before he was murdered.

RABIAH SEMINOLE, 51, has kept the note - which includes Lennon and YOKO ONO's signatures, self portraits of the pair and the date - secret since the singer's death in New York in August 1980

But she now wants to sell the memorabilia to help raise money for a shelter she runs for abused horses in Virginia.

Seminole - who claims she met Lennon at 10.35pm at the RECORD PLANT STUDIOS where she worked, just 15 minutes before he was shot by Mark Chapman outside his nearby apartment - says, "John was a nature lover and I think he would have wanted me to sell it for the horses."

19/04/2004 02:06