Comedian John Leguizamo has been accused by his estranged father of lying to fans about his Puerto Rican roots - because both of the actor's parents are from Colombia.
The Carlito's Way star has long claimed his dad Alberto hails from the city of Aguadilla in Puerto Rico, while his mother Luz is from Colombia, where Leguizamo was born.
He was handed the honour of leading this year's (11) National Puerto Rican Day Parade in New York on Sunday (12Jun11), but his father insists he has no family ties to the island in the Caribbean Sea and Alberto's sudden revelations have thrown Leguizamo's true heritage into doubt.
Alberto says, "It hurts me that (John) lies to the Puerto Ricans and doesn't stand behind his Colombian roots."
But Leguizamo appears to have paid little attention to his father's revelations and took to his blog on Sunday morning to express his excitement for the day's activities.
He wrote, "@PRparadeNyc this morning, @TheTonyAwards 2nite (sic)! Great day for @johnleguizamo!"