Actor John Leguizamo is getting brutally honest about his Hollywood encounters, poking fun at stars like Patrick Swayze and Steven Segal in his new book PIMPS, HOS, PLAYERS, HATERS + ALL THE REST OF MY HOLLYWOOD FRIENDS. The Moulin Rouge star isn't expecting Christmas cards from the two ageing action men after shaming them for their serious nature on film sets. Of Segal, Leguizamo recalls, "I did a movie with him before and he was friendly... then I go and do Executive Decision with him and I'm supposed to be his right-hand man in the flick. "We do our first rehearsal and he comes in and... he's like, 'OK, I'm the commander...' He charges at me... knocks me against the wall and knocks all the wind out of me. I wanted to say, 'You run like a fat girl.' It wasn't even in the script. "He had to die early in the movie and it wasn't his movie and he hated me. He didn't wanna come out of his trailer the day he was supposed to die... I was there very early because I wanted to see that scene. It was 6am, he was supposed to die... and we shot his death at 8pm." And Leguizamo also pokes fun at his TO WONG FOO, THANKS FOR EVERYTHING JULIE NEWMAR co-star Swayze, who took offence to the Latino's ad-libbing in one scene. Leguizamo says, "He's going, 'Why don't you just say the line the way it's written?' and I said, 'Make me.' "He said, 'How about if I punch you in the face?' It got heated... He started to swing at me... and WESLEY's (co-star SNIPES) like, 'Let them fight...' and the crew is yelling, 'Bitch fight!' But one star who comes out really well in Leguizamo's kiss-and-tell memoirs is Arnold Schwarzenegger, who shot Collateral Damage with the actor. Leguizamo states, "I was laughing all day long, he's the funniest dude I ever worked with in my life."