John Leguizamo fought to keep his clothes on for awkward sex scenes in his new film THE BABYSITTERS - because he didn't like the idea of himself or his young co-star appearing naked on the screen.
The Moulin Rouge star teamed up with Sam Waterston's young daughter Katherine in her first big screen role, and he was dead set against either of them getting naked.
He says, "I was mortified about the situation because, in the script, she's underage - 16 - and in high school. Luckily it was Katherine and she's legal.
"I wanted it to be more in your mind. I didn't want to do nudity in the film, maybe it's my ex-Catholic nature but I found it too much, so we kept our clothes on and the sex was in your own dirty mind."
But the film, about an enterprising babysitter who launches an escort agency for sex-starved dads, has prompted the actor to think long and hard about his own daughter's future dating games.
He says, "I hope my daughter is a lesbian because that would be a lot easier. That's not a joke.
"Everything is sexualised in our society. It's great that it's free but then there's no code of ethics or how does this all get worked out when everybody is so stimulated with the young folk and even the older folk are on Viagra. It's all such a mess."