Actor John Leguizamo risked the wrath of his wife when he launched his new Broadway show Ghetto Klown, because he used their "big fights" as inspiration for the comedy.
The star worried his wife Justine would object to material he uses in the play about his life story and force him to scrap it, so he was relieved when she gave him the thumbs up.
And Leguizamo admits it was her opinion which concerned him the most, despite also poking fun at top Hollywood stars such as Al Pacino, Steven Seagal and Kurt Russell in the script.
During an appearance on America's Today show on Wednesday (09Mar11), he says, "The person I was most afraid of was my wife, because I wasn't sure how she was gonna react to it and she saw it and she gave me the OK, but I was really worried about that because I was saying personal stuff...
"Everybody fights, but I took a lot of the big fights we had and put them on the stage so sometimes that can be hard."
Ghetto Klown will officially open at the Lyceum Theatre on 22 March (11).