Comedic actor John Leguizamo shocked American TV viewers on Monday night (22Jun09) - when he showed up for an interview in his underwear.
The star admitted he's becoming too accustomed to voiceover work and ignores his personal hygiene after lending his vocals to upcoming film Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaur.
And he didn't bother to pull on a pair of trousers before appearing on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, opting instead to wear his boxer briefs and a bathrobe.
He mused, "I'm done being an actor. You know, you do voice, you're in a booth, you don't have to shower, you don't have to wear pants. It's the first time I've been naked in front of this amount of people. I feel very free, loose, kind of breezy. I'm very aware of my body right now more than I'd like to be."