A TYRESE GIBSON lookalike landed a role in John Leguizamo's new movie THE TAKE when the actor spotted him fighting with his girlfriend on a street corner.
Moulin Rouge! star Leguizamo was driving home from the set of the film in Los Angeles when he thought he saw his co-star arguing with a woman - so he pulled over to see if he could help.
But when he approached the fracas, he realised the guy wasn't the former model - but a guy in a real fight with his girlfriend.
Leguizamo stepped in to end the heated row, and to offer the bemused boyfriend the chance to be a film stand-in.
He explains, "Tyrese had to go reshoot for Transformers so he had to leave early and there's nothing we could do about it because he was contracted for that first.
"We were driving back and I thought I saw Tyrese on the street having an altercation with his girlfriend and we went to stop him - and it wasn't Tyrese, it was just some dude on the street.
"He looked just like Tyrese so we said, 'Let's use him,' so we saved the girl and saved the movie. It was great. He looked exactly like Tyrese and I thought if he confused me, you guys at the cinema won't know the difference."