Smooth R+B star John Legend is the child of a broken home again - his once-divorced parents have split up again. The singer's parents split when he was just 10 and later divorced, but they rekindled their love and remarried - and now they've divorced for a second time. Philosophical Legend says, "Hey, it wasn't meant to be! Or it was and it was meant to break up." The Ordinary People star insists he never suffered as being the child of a broken home - he never wanted his parents to get back together after they first fell out. He adds, "I wasn't one of those kids that wanted my parents to get back together. That was never a goal of mine." But, after seeing how easy it is for marriages to fall apart, Legend, real name JOHN STEPHENS, admits he won't be rushing down the aisle with his new girlfriend. He explains, "I think divorce rates are higher than ever, partly because people marry for love now... Back in the day, people married for convenience, for economics - it was more like a property exchange. "Now, people marry 'cause they wanna feel like people felt in the movies."