R+B singer John Legend dropped his self-imposed ban on performing at weddings, when he was offered a huge fee by British celebrity couple ASHLEY COLE and Cheryl Tweedy. Tweedy, from British girl group Girls Aloud, and England soccer ace Cole wed on Saturday (15JUL06) in England, and delighted wedding guests when the Ordinary People star provided the musical entertainment. Legend tells MTV, "Being from the States we're not too familiar with footballers and British girl groups. So I was kind of ignorant as to exactly who they were. "But they called my manager and asked us to do the wedding and I don't do weddings. First of all, I'm pretty expensive so not many people can afford to have me play anywhere unless there are a lot of people buying tickets but I guess that they had the money to handle it. "It was cool. It was a nice vibe at the wedding and they were really sweet and they looked incredible. It was nice to be there."