R+B singer John Legend is proud of his status as the hardest working man in music, and has branded musicians who don't give 100 per cent "d**ks". The Grammy award winner is famed for being a workaholic and is stunned by the lacklustre attitudes of performers who don't share his work ethic. He says, "It's amazing to me, but when I talk to my label, they're like, 'Oh John, you work so hard!' It always amazes me that I stand out among other artists for working hard. Shouldn't everybody work hard? Why wouldn't they work hard? "(I think) 'You d**k - this is your shot!' Ultimately, it's your career. If you don't seize the opportunity, it's going to go away. You might not be as smart or you might not have as good a record, but there should be no excuse for not working hard."