John Legend thinks his style is ''pretty understated'' but with ''flashes of rock star''.

The 38-year-old singer doesn't think his fashion sense has drastically changed over the years, and he has revealed he likes ''classic'' garments with ''occasional flashes of flamboyance''.

Speaking about his wardrobe choices to Yahoo Lifestyle, the 'All Of Me' hitmaker said: ''Obviously, I can afford better clothes now. I don't think my style is actually that different. For me, I'm still pretty understated with some flashes of rock star. I like a lot of classic things -- well-tailored, nice pieces -- and occasional flashes of flamboyance.''

And the artist has revealed he and his wife Chrissy Teigen - who have 18-month-old daughter Luna together - ''like'' each other's fashion choices.

He continued: ''She knows who I am, and I know who she is, and we both like each other's style a lot.''

However, there are times when the couple - who tied the knot in 2013 - dislike a ''specific thing'' the other one wears, which they will openly admit, although it rarely happens.

John added: ''Occasionally, it's a specific thing -- either I won't like something she's wearing or she won't like what I'm wearing - we'll say it. But it doesn't happen that often.''

Meanwhile John has admitted him and his partner would love to expand their brood and have ''three to four'' children.

Speaking about his future family plans, the 'Love Me Now' singer said: ''We want to have kids again soon. We want to have several kids, total. But we'll try to do one at a time. We'll have another one soon.

''I would say three to four.''

And John has hinted he won't put any pressure on Luna to follow in his musical footsteps, although he has revealed the tiny tot ''loves'' music already.

He said: ''She loves music, but who knows what her career will be. We're trying to just let her explore and learn. She's got plenty of time to figure out that.''