John Legend's mother ''still'' critiques his outfits.

The 38-year-old singer songwriter doesn't believe his wardrobe choices have been ''outlandish in any way'', and has admitted his parent Phyllis Elaine - who was a seamstress - often compliments him on his clothes.

Speaking to Instyle Online about his fashion sense, the 'All Of Me' hitmaker said: ''My personal style isn't outlandish in any way.

''She still comments on my clothes. For things she likes, she'll say, 'That's sharp, Johnny!'''

And the musician claims he has always had great style even when he was a child, and has described himself as a ''dapper little kid'', although he was surrounded by people who ''loved'' creating new garments and influenced him.

He explained: ''I was a very dapper little kid. I grew up around people who loved clothes and loved making them. I never was a tailor myself, but I've been ironing my clothes since I was six.''

John - who has eight-month-old daughter Luna with his wife Chrissy Teigen - has revealed the 'Lip Sync Battle' co-host loves to see her husband don a ''dark suit'' paired with an open white shirt when they enjoy a ''good date night''.

John explained: ''[Chrissy] loves it when I wear a dark suit and white shirt, open with no tie. We've had some good date nights with that look.''

And the vocalist - who met the 31-year-old model on the set of his 2007 'Stereo' music video - has revealed his partner has helped to bring him out of his shell and allowed him to have ''more fun''.

He explained: ''But she makes me have more fun than I would normally have. I don't think the whole thing of opposites attract is exactly right - you have to have enough in common. But the combination of the two of us is dynamic and exciting.''