John Legend's daughter is ''pretty chill''.

The 'All of Me' singer and wife Chrissy Teigen became parents to daughter Luna in April and though the tot is only six months old, she already shows signs of being as calm as he is, though he's aware that could change.

After talk show host Ellen Degeneres reminded him that Chrissy recently appeared on her show and said Luna has John's ''temperament'', he said: ''She is adorable. She's pretty chill so far, and I'm the chill one, of course.

''Luna, she smiles a lot. She's got a good temperament so far, but we're knocking on wood, we've got time. The twos are terrible, she's only six months, so we'll see.''

Chrissy recently appeared as an awkward stripper in Ellen's all-female 'Magic Mike' parody, 'Magic Michelle', and her 37-year-old husband ''loved'' the clip.

He said: ''I loved it. I told her, 'You're so sexy that even when you're trying to be anti-sexy, you're sexy.' ''

John recently admitted he found being a father ''humbling''.

He said: ''I think it shifts your priorities a bit, gives you a new perspective. You realise what's important for you, for your family and for your career. It just takes over your life when you have a child ...

''I spent a lot of time at home with her for the first three months and with my wife, you know, it just humbles you. I think everyone struggles with being a new parent, everyone's trying to figure it out and I think it's a humbling process.''

And having Luna has inspired a lot of songs on his upcoming new album.

He said: ''You will see in here the influence on the next album of me having a kid. I couldn't help but write about her. I was writing songs about her before she was born, just because I was so inspired [about] just the fact that Chrissy got pregnant. So, I think it inspired one of the most beautiful songs in the album, and so hopefully that people will love it.''