John Legend has reached out to British singer Adele to offer his services for a duet on her upcoming album.

The Rolling In The Deep hitmaker is rumoured to be on the verge of heading into the studio to record her highly-anticipated third album, and Legend admits he wants to be a part of the project.

The singer has reached out to the Brit and hopes Adele will agree to work with him.

He tells Britain's Daily Star newspaper, "I've put the message out to Adele that I think she'd be great to work with. I think that'll happen - it's just a matter of time."

Legend also lists folk band Mumford & Sons among his most wanted collaborators, adding, "I jammed on some Marvin Gaye songs with Mumford & Sons in New York recently... I've got on swimmingly with them since we did a show for David Cameron and President Obama at the White House last year. If the Mumfords ever want to do something, I'd be very open to the idea."