John Legend says parenting has been a ''whole new challenge'' for him and wife Chrissy Teigen.

The 38-year-old singer - who married his 31-year-old spouse in 2013 - has admitted when the pair welcomed their first child into the world in April last year their world completely changed, as having a baby made ''the biggest difference'' to their lives.

Speaking to Yahoo Lifestyle about fatherhood, the 'Ordinary People' hitmaker said: ''Being parents is the biggest difference. Going from dating to engaged to married -- there's some difference. But bringing a new life into the world and parenting together is a whole new challenge. It's a whole new joy as well. It alters your life in a way that is very different than any other milestone. I think it's the most strengthening that you can go through, though, because it's a challenge and because you have to do it together and help each other, if you're doing it right. It builds a stronger bond that you wouldn't have otherwise.''

But John has revealed his date nights with his partner have not changed as much.

When asked about their romantic moments together, he said: ''It's similar. We like to go to a nice dinner and have a drink. We stopped partying a long time ago. We occasionally go to parties, but mostly it's a nice dinner, drinks, we go to the movies. We still do that.''

John has revealed Luna is starting to talk and although she is just mumbling at the moment she is on ''the cusp of having a full conversation'' with her parents.

The 'All of Me' artist said: ''She's at that stage of talking but no one knows what she's saying. It's an ongoing monologue. I guess you could say it's a dialogue where we indulge her and talk back, but we have no idea what she's saying yet. She's right there on the cusp of having a full conversation. She's running around, dancing -- very active physically. You can see the beginnings of her verbal skills.''