John Legend's daughter has started ''mocking'' him, thanks to her mother Chrissy Teigen.

The 'All of Me' hitmaker has 17-month-old daughter Luna with his model spouse, and has said the tot has already learned how make fun of his facial features thanks to tips she learned from her mother.

He said: ''Chrissy has her doing this thing called 'Daddy Eyes.' [It started] because one day, I didn't have my contacts on, and I was squinting around the house. Luna started mocking my eyes. So Chrissy started calling it 'Daddy Eyes.'''

When Chrissy, 31, isn't teaching her daughter how to mock her 38-year-old father, John admits the couple are ''trying to be the best parents'' they can be, and whilst they have the same ''ups and downs'' every couple does, they're working hard to provide for their daughter.

He added: ''We still go through a lot of the ups and downs everyone in relationships goes through. We have arguments and challenges just like everyone else - being new parents, I think particularly.

''We're trying to be the best parents we can be. We're trying to raise our child to be healthy and to be smart and kind and a good leader and all those things. It's not easy for anybody ... Obviously, having a lot of material success makes it different in some ways, but I think a lot of the emotions you go through are similar.''

The 'Love Me Now' singer currently has his family out on tour with him in Europe, and is thrilled to be able to spend time with his daughter even whilst on the road.

Speaking to E! News, he said: ''I love having them with me. I've seen Luna grow up during the tour ... She's really starting to walk now and really starting to talk a bit more now, too. A lot of that's happened while we were on the road. She's been on her first tour bus ride. She's been to her first concert. It's really a lot of fun having her experience a lot of firsts during this.''