John Legend missed his daughter's first time meeting Santa.

The 'Love Me Now' hitmaker's wife Chrissy Teigen came up with a creative way to include her husband, who was in the French capital, by printing his face onto a stick and getting someone to hold it over their face for the family's portrait with Father Christmas and baby Luna.

Alongside the festive photo, the 31-year-old beauty wrote on Twitter: ''When your husband is in Paris but you gotta get your Santa on (sic)''

The 37-year-old singer also recently missed out on hearing his eight-month-old daughter's first words as he's been busy promoting his new album 'Darkness & Light'.

The hunky star was disappointed he didn't get to hear Luna say 'mama' or 'dada' for the first time.

He said: ''She said 'mama' the other day. I missed it. She said 'dada' as well!''

Despite missing out on some big events in the early days of Luna's life, John is looking forward to experiencing the adorable little tot's first Christmas, but he insists he's not going to shower her with gifts.

He recently said: ''We're not going to spoil her much for Christmas because she'll have no idea and she'll have no appreciation.''

However, John - who married his model spouse in 2013 - has admitted the couple intend to dress their baby girl in various costumes and do things with Luna to entertain themselves.

He continued: ''I think most of the things we'll do for her for Christmas will really be for us... like dressing her up.''

John says they have not undertaken many Christmas rituals in the past and have hinted they intend on ticking a few festive things off their bucket list this year by getting their first ever Christmas tree.

He said: ''We haven't done a family Christmas photo, but we're going to do a holiday party, we're going to get the tree, this will be our first Christmas tree, me and Chrissy. We've never have had a time when we were home during Christmas because we usually travel to family members, who live in Ohio or Thailand, where her parents lived before.

''This is the first time that we've actually been able to be home and have our own tree and decorate our own house for Christmas and we've got our baby there to celebrate with us.''