John Legend doesn't think his daughter Luna is ready to be a big sister.

The 39-year-old musician is set to welcome his second child, and first son, into the world when Chrissy Teigen gives birth in a few month's time, and although the couple are excited to expand their brood, John admits he isn't sure how their two-year-old daughter Luna will take the new addition.

He said: ''Luna's gonna be an issue. I think she'll probably have some growing pains because she's currently running the house right now. She's used to being the centre of everything right now so we'll see how she adjusts to sharing the spotlight.''

The 'All of Me' hitmaker and his spouse have been reading tips on how to make sure Luna doesn't feel jealous of her younger brother, including buying a gift from the baby to ''give'' to his older sister.

John added: ''I've [also] heard that I should bring Luna to him so it doesn't feel like we're all just sitting there with this new guy, like, 'Who this?'''

Although Luna might not be the biggest fan of her new sibling when he arrives, John already has something to bond with his son over.

Speaking at the Tribeca Film Festival on Thursday (19.04.18), he said: ''I was No. 2 in my family. My older brother travels with me all the time, he works with me, he cuts my hair, he takes all of the photos you see on my Instagram of all my shows. He's always been really supportive of me and takes good care of me so I have a good example of what a good older sibling should be like.''

Meanwhile, John recently expressed his excitement at getting to meet his son when 'Lip Sync Battle' host Chrissy gives birth.

He said: ''It's always exciting because you never know what they're going to be like. You're just excited that another product of your relationship and your love is going to be out there in front of you.''