John Legend finds it ''stressful'' to read the news.

The 40-year-old singer - who is married to model Chrissy Teigen - admits he finds it hard to read the news, but he's insisted it's still possible to instigate positive changes in the world.

He said: ''It's stressful to read the news sometimes.

''Sometimes we can get so frustrated and throw up our hands, and it's important that we realise we can actually do something.''

John and his wife are both outspoken about various political and social issues.

And the chart-topping star thinks it's important that music inspires ''activism''.

He told the BBC: ''I've always been inspired by Marvin Gaye.

''He showed us that activism can be part of your art; and that art can inspire other people's activism.''

Meanwhile, Chrissy recently revealed that she and John are ''both apologisers'' whenever they fight.

The celebrity duo - who have kids Luna, two, and nine-month-old Miles - have the occasional argument over ''scheduling and communication'', but Chrissy insisted their tiffs never last for long because they're both happy to say sorry.

The model - who has been married to the award-winning star since 2013 - said: ''It helps that John and I fight very differently. I get very passionate and loud, and he's very much a diffuser. But in the end, we're both apologisers; we don't like to dwell on the same thing.

''A lot of our fights revolve around - we don't have them often - scheduling, communication, or 'You told me this, but I was holding Luna, and I was baking cookies at the same time, how was I supposed to listen to this and have a conversation?!'''