John Legend is ''inspired to be a better father'' by his wife Chrissy Teigen.

The 'Love Me Now' singer says he is ''inspired every day'' by the Sports Illustrated model and her love encourages him to be a better father to their two children - Luna, two, and Miles, three months.

Speaking to reporters about his relationship with Chrissy, he said: ''We inspire each other. She inspires my songs, she inspires me to want to be a better husband and a better father. We support each other fully in everything that we do. I root for her in her career and everything she's doing.

''And I expect that she'll be up here winning Emmys herself for all the awesome work that she does. She's such a dynamic, vibrant personality, and I've fallen in love with her a long time before the rest of America did. But now America's fallen in love with her too, and she inspires me every day.''

Meanwhile, John previously admitted he has been changed by fatherhood.

He said: ''I think being a father helps me understand even more how fragile life can be sometimes and how much it's imperative for us who have so many resources and so much power to try to make other kids' lives better. Because we know we can afford for our kids to have proper health care, to have proper education, but there are so many kids in our country and around the world who don't have that and I think this experience of fatherhood has made me double down on saying, we got to do what we can together to make this world better for our young people growing up.''