John Legend finds it ''frustrating'' to see ''bad guys being rewarded''.

The 39-year-old singer has hit out at current US president Donald Trump, branding him an ''obvious liar and clear misogynist'', and says he's tired of seeing ''bad'' people get handed respected positions, especially when he believes it's ''not difficult to be a good guy''.

Reflecting on the #MeToo and Time's Up movements - which aim to end sexual harassment - the 'All of Me' hitmaker said: ''There was clearly a moment where you see some justice for victims of abuse and some comeuppance for people who are perpetrators.

''But on the other hand you see someone who is an admitted sexual assaulter, an obvious liar, and a clear misogynist getting elected to the highest office in the country.

''It's not difficult to be a good guy but it is a bit frustrating to see the bad guys being rewarded.''

And whilst the musician - who has daughter Luna, two, and son Miles, almost four months, with his wife Chrissy Teigen - isn't a fan of Donald Trump, he is a longtime supporter of former president Barak Obama, whom he says he has a meeting with ''soon'' for something ''political''.

He said: ''I am seeing him soon, but more in a political capacity. Anything involving the Obamas is always fun.''

The 'Love Me Now' singer especially loves heading to parties hosted by the former figurehead, and said that bashes at the White House are always the best.

Speaking to the Sunday Mirror newspaper, John teased: ''[The Obamas through the best parties]. Especially at the White House, when celebrities are not treated like they are a celebrity.

''We were in line one time with Jerry Seinfeld and he got held outside because his real name is Jerome but on the guest list it was Jerry. His wife was able to get in, we were able to get it, but he didn't for the longest time.''