John Legend and Chrissy Teigen have splashed out $9 million on a new penthouse.

The 'All of Me' hitmaker and his 32-year-old wife have been in a love bubble since last week when their son Miles was born, but the couple still managed to find time to slap down the hefty amount on a property at 374 Broome St. in Nolita, New York.

According to the New York Post newspaper, the property is made up of three bedrooms - plenty big enough of them, their son and their two-year-old daughter Luna - three bathrooms and is in a building called the Brewster Carriage House.

The couple - who got married in 2013 - are certainly no strangers to the complex as they used to live there but have been waiting for a bigger penthouse to come up.

The apartment also comes with a private, landscaped, roof terrance that has its own outdoor kitchen, which is perfect for Chrissy as she thoroughly enjoys putting on dinner parties and cooking up a storm for her family and guests.

It also boasts a gas fireplace, oversized windows and 13-foot high ceilings.

It's not yet known when the pair will be ready to move into the penthouse as they're currently wrapped up caring for their newborn son and their daughter Luna.

The pair announced the birth of their second child last week but his arrival has already caused problems for Luna as she sees her baby brother as a ''competition.''

John, 39, joked recently: ''I think she's just becoming aware that he's the competition. We'll see how that plays out, but I think it might be good because it's making her, like, she's doing more to ingratiate herself to us, which means it might be a good thing for her to have a little competition.

''I am not [sleeping,] but it's okay. I'm starting to remember how it was the first time around with Luna. It's all coming back to me, and Chrissy too. This is that period in his life and our lives where you get less sleep and work a little harder. I'm trying not to work too much outside of the house because we got a lot to do at home.''