John Legend is on the hunt for more acts to collaborate with - and has his sights set on Beyonce and Amy Winehouse.
The Ordinary People crooner is a fan of teaming up with fellow artists on his records, boasting duets with Kanye West, Fergie, Estelle and King of Pop Michael Jackson shortly before his death last year (09).
Legend is eager to hit the studio with troubled singer Winehouse - who hasn't released an album in four years - as well as R&B superstar Beyonce - but admits the collaborations only work if both parties are on the same wavelength.
He tells the Huffington Post, "Usually I'm a fan of their work on some level and I think we could make something great together, and it's usually just a phone call away and a little bit of scheduling and we usually make it happen.
"As long as everyone comes into it with the right attitude, you know, a little bit of humility and a bit of that collaborative spirit, then you usually make something good out of it.
"I have a few people that I'd love to write for or write with, like Amy Winehouse would be fun. Beyonce would be cool too, just to name a few."