Moviemaker John Landis is refusing to let Michael Jackson's death stop his bid to claw back royalties he claims he's owed for his work on the King of Pop's THRILLER video.
Landis, who directed the video and co-wrote the epic promo's script, filed suit against Jackson in January (09), claiming he's owed cash for Thriller's spin-offs.
In his suit, he alleges he has a deal in place with the superstar, which entitles him to 50 per cent of the net profits from the video and related material.
The lawsuit was filed after reports suggested Jackson had sold the rights to the promo to executives at the Nederlander Organization, who plan to turn Thriller into a Broadway spectacular.
In a statement released at the end of January (09), a spokesman for Nederlander told WENN, "We're confident that these past differences can be worked out."
But Landis insists he's still fighting for unpaid profits from the video and a making-of documentary.
He tells website, "Despite Michael's tragic death, the Thriller lawsuit continues."
Landis was one of the first celebrities to pay tribute to Jackson, who died on Thursday (25Jun09); he said, "He (Jackson) had a troubled and complicated life and, despite his gift, he remains a tragic figure... I will always have great affection for him."