John Krasinski was so paranoid George Clooney would pull one of his trademark pranks on him while shooting new movie LEATHERHEADS, he checked under his bed and in his closet every night.
Before filming on Leatherheads began, Krasinski was warned of Clooney's reputation for staging elaborate practical jokes - and he was determined not to become the actor/director's latest victim.
Krasinksi says, "I love all the (Clooney) prank stories. Luckily, he was too busy doing his directing/acting/producing/writing thing. He brought out serious George.
"I was so scared. I'd heard from literally everybody I came into contact with - even people at (coffee chain) Starbucks - that said, 'George is going to pull a prank on you, you know that right?' I was like, 'Is this a prank?' I was so nervous.
"I did, every night, look under my bed and look in my closet."