John Krasinski nearly gave up acting before landing a role in The Office - because he'd been fired from nine jobs waiting on tables.
Krasinski moved to New York after graduating from college and found work in a number of restaurants while auditioning for various films.
Just weeks before landing his role in the hit U.S. TV comedy, the star almost gave up his acting dream - because he couldn't bear to admit to his mother he'd failed.
He explains, "My mom wasn't too sure about me being an actor at first. She said, 'Okay, but if you haven't had the break after a few years, you have to be able to pull out.' I couldn't call her in five years' time and say, 'Could you pay my rent?'
"Three months before I got The Office, I was on the phone to her, saying I was thinking of getting out because my friends were doing well and I was going nowhere. She said, 'Never base it on your friends. Give it another shot.'"