John Krasinski would love to star in a Marvel or DC movie.

The 38-year-old actor was originally in the running to play Steve Rogers aka Captain America in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and was even asked to try on the suit, but the role eventually went to Chris Evans, but he admitted if either Marvel or DC have any other superheroes left, he would be up for a part.

When asked if he would be up for joining the superhero franchises, Krasinski told Shortlist Magazine: ''Sure, if there are any cool superheroes left, I'd love to.

''If Marvel or DC have anyone remaining, I'd love to do it.''

Krasinski also admitted he understands why Evans got the role and said he is ''happy to have given him the shield''.

He said: ''I was asked to audition for the role and got far enough that I was asked to wear the suit.

''But what happened was simple: as soon as you see Chris Evans you might as well step aside because he is Captain America.

''He's perfect for the role and I was psyched he got it. I'm happy to have given him the shield.''

The actor - who shot to fame in the US version of 'The Office' - is starring alongside his wife Emily Blunt in the new horror movie 'A Quiet Place' which marks his directorial debut, and he admitted he found working with his wife both ''exciting but nerve-wracking''.

He said: ''Exciting but nerve-wracking. The night before we started shooting.

''Emily asked me if I was nervous. I said I was terrified and she said, 'Oh good, me too!' Rob Marshall had directed her twice before and he said, 'Not until you're in the room with her and she does what she does will you see how talented your wife is'.

''He was right, I've never worked with anyone as professional and talented. She has an incredible energy. She's the real deal.''