John Krasinski says the success of 'A Quiet Place' has made him feel like a ''high school'' kid.

The 38-year-old actor directed and stars in the new horror movie alongside his wife Emily Blunt, and John has admitted he's still trying to process the praise showered on the film over the last few weeks.

He confessed: ''I'm still processing. I've been processing since that first screening at SXSW. It's like that high school feeling that you get when you think something's cool, but you hope other people also think it's cool, and the fact that other people think it's cool, it's now cool.

''Both myself and Emily are completely blown away by the reaction, and we honestly couldn't be happier.''

John has never been an especially big fan of the horror genre, but he thinks that proved to be a help during the making of 'A Quiet Place'.

He told Vice: ''I have to do what I know I can do, and my job is to make sure that the family in 'A Quiet Place' feels as real as any group of people.

''I also watched a tonne of horror movies in preparation. I found my strength in that very thing I thought as my weakness.

''When I was watching these movies, I wasn't looking for technique and what I could steal from them, I was just paying attention to how I reacted. When was I scared? When did I feel tense? When did the moments work the best for me? I felt like my own test audience.''