John Krasinski has a newfound love for his wife Emily Blunt after working with her on their new movie 'A Quiet Place'.

The 38-year-old actor starred alongside his spouse - whom he married in 2010 and with whom he has daughters Hazel, four, and Violet, 21 months - in the new flick which he also directed, and has said the pair now love and trust one another on a deeper level than before.

Speaking to People magazine, he said: ''I never have loved my wife more than after we did this movie, and we were really nervous about it. It really could've gone the other way, we could be announcing our divorce right now if it did go the wrong way.

''But I think for me, it was a trust thing. We trust each other in day-to-day life for sure, but when you trust each other in this way it's really different. But the way we went about it was sort of the way we go about our marriage, which is 'Let's be really honest. Let's be honest from the beginning so that nothing surprises us, but we get to say all the things we feel.'

''So I let her go through the script and let me know any changes she wanted to make, I pitched the entire movie to her and said how we were gonna shoot it and said 'Is there anything you'd change?'

''We were really honest with each other from the beginning. By the time we were shooting, it was just the best.''

The happy couple aren't shy of gushing over one another, as John previously described himself as Emily's ''number one fan'', but did at the time claim that their romance worked because their careers were ''very separate''.

Speaking earlier this month he said: ''We keep our careers very, very separate. We always rely on each other for opinions, but we love the idea that we have separate careers, and, that way, we can be the No. 1 fans of each other.''

And John is surprised by how well their new movie worked out.

He added: ''I looked up - and, at first, I thought something was wrong because she seemed very serious. She said, 'You can't let anybody else do this movie.' I can't over-describe how much that meant to me. There's nobody I looked up to and admire more, so the fact that someone I trust not only in marriage, but as an actress, with that taste level and that strength, would want to dive into this script was huge for me ... We were just finishing dinner, and she said, 'Can I ask you a question? Are you nervous?' And I said, 'Terrified.' It was bizarre how well it worked.''