John Krasinski no longer has a ''euphemism for sex'' when he speaks to his wife Emily Blunt.

The 38-year-old actor has been married to the 'Sicario' star - with whom he has two daughters, Hazel, four, and Violet, two - for eight years and have been romantically linked for 10, and he admits he can't remember if ever had a cheeky way of asking his spouse if she'd like to sleep with him, as he's now just straightforward.

When asked if he had a euphemism for sex when he first began dating Emily in 2008, he told Men's Health magazine: ''Oh, man. I don't know. I can't go back that far. I think I call it 'sex' now, which makes me really sad. I think I actually propositioned my wife by saying, 'Would you like to have sex tonight?'''

The happy couple aren't shy when it comes to sharing comical stories about their time together, as the former 'Office' star previously revealed he knew his wife was out of his league when a customs officer didn't believe he was married to the star.

He said: ''I married up, and don't I know it. They don't have to tell me; the customs agent in London did.

''It was going great, the customs, the whole experience. And then I hit this guy who was about my age. He looked like he was ready to get a little surly with me.

''He said, 'It says here that you're an actor. Would I know you from anything?' And I went, 'You know, we redid the UK version of 'The Office'.' Strike one! He was like, 'Oh, you took what we did, perfect.'

''And then he says, 'Who are you visiting here?' And I was like, 'My wife'. He says, 'Oh, is she an actress? Would I know her?' And I said, 'I don't know man, her name's Emily Blunt.' And he goes like this, 'You? You married Emily Blunt?'''